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New Spotify / Apple Music Playlist – Power Pop Evolution

Our latest playlist Power Pop Evolution is now live on Apple Music and Spotify.

This genre is dear to my heart. Perfect for the upbeat summer we’re having lololol. But seriously do feel this adds a much needed level of brightness to these sunny daze. Who can resist The Cars, Big Star, The Feelies, Teenage Fanclub, The Lemonheads? Am I driving a Plymouth with the top down right now? Is my Jean jacket magic?


I learned a good number of the earlier bands through the soundtracks of my favorite childhood movies…

I’ll never forget seeing Letters to Cleo emerge from the crowd to sing directly to Cat in 10 Things I Hate About You and that solidifying in me the fact that music is the most personal special connective thing! And plus, they fuckin’ ripped. Outfits, hair, mood.

And thanks to that, I traveled down the rabbit hole to find That Dog…etc and during this playlist I came across even MORE bops I hadn’t met yet. Ain’t life grand.

Anyway, hope you have great days!! ☀️



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New Spotify / Apple Music Playlist: 00s Indie Pop

Our latest playlist 00s Indie Pop is now live! Listen on Spotify and Apple Music. Hope y’all have a lovely day ❤

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New Spotify / Apple Music Playlist: “00s Pop-Rock”

Alas, we delve deep into the 2000s. Felt it best to give us until the new decade to really celebrate the incredible music of Y2k, especially rock. Ya know? I mean, kids these days don’t even remember Wheatus! awkward.

Certainly, some famously mockable pop-rock derived from this time period courtesy of Nickelback, Jason Mraz et al. Simultaneously, though, 2k blessed us with Coldplay’s debut album Parachutes and the early aughts birthed a bevy of classic, iconic laid back indie-rock / power-pop from Rooney, Phantom Planet and nearly every band featured on The O.C. We also met the clever quips of Ben Kweller and Ok Go and the wintery mix of Snow Patrol’s Final Straw. Modest Mouse’s Good News for People Who Love Bad News helped us all Float On. Then, of course, there’s Ms. Avril.

I could go on – this is hands down some of my favorite stuff ever 🤓 truly hope this playlist brighten your days.

Listen now on Spotify and Apple Music.