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New Spotify / Apple Music Playlist – Power Pop Evolution

Our latest playlist Power Pop Evolution is now live on Apple Music and Spotify.

This genre is dear to my heart. Perfect for the upbeat summer we’re having lololol. But seriously do feel this adds a much needed level of brightness to these sunny daze. Who can resist The Cars, Big Star, The Feelies, Teenage Fanclub, The Lemonheads? Am I driving a Plymouth with the top down right now? Is my Jean jacket magic?


I learned a good number of the earlier bands through the soundtracks of my favorite childhood movies…

I’ll never forget seeing Letters to Cleo emerge from the crowd to sing directly to Cat in 10 Things I Hate About You and that solidifying in me the fact that music is the most personal special connective thing! And plus, they fuckin’ ripped. Outfits, hair, mood.

And thanks to that, I traveled down the rabbit hole to find That Dog…etc and during this playlist I came across even MORE bops I hadn’t met yet. Ain’t life grand.

Anyway, hope you have great days!! ☀️



Listent to Power Pop Evolution on Spotify and Apple Music. Find us on Instagram @indiedigs.

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New Spotify / Apple Music Playlist: A Grand Scene for a Pandemic

A true product of the 2000s emo / pop-punk scene, I grew up listening to stories about coming to terms in the wake of destruction. It seems as though our generation was built for this. Y2k, and then came everything, and here’s…now…

The evergreen lyrics of Thursday, MeWithoutYou, The Early November, Brand New…and nowadays Drug Church, Prawn, The World is a Beautiful Place…offer deep examination into our interpersonal relationships, wrestling with reality vs expectation, and the possibility of a greater force to be reckoned with. At this point, I need these bands to help remind me what this era can mean for the world, what we have to do to make things right, and how we can support each other through the warnings we have ingested through headphones for the last two decades. And ya know, I had to throw a few light bops on 🍬

Here’s A Grand Scene for A Pandemic (homage to the Norma Jean track 😉). Listen on Spotify & Apple Music.


New Spotify / Apple Music Playlist: 00s Alternative

Our latest mix, 00s Alternative, harkens back to moments prior when guitars and literal drums were more of a thing. Ah, the good old days.

In all seriousness, this era was filled with rock bands offering relevant commentary that was often honest, direct, and sometimes difficult to digest. Bands like The White Stripes came on the scene out of nowhere bringing a sound that was completely unique to the time. Clashy. Grimey. Incubus held strong with Morning View (my first rock CD, gifted Christmas of 2001) and, personal favorite political read of the decade, A Crow Left of the Murder. And I still get emotional when I listen to Youth of the Nation by P.O.D.

Hope it inspires you to keep speaking your voice. Listen now on Spotify & Apple Music.


November 2019: Concert Calendar (Philly, DE, NYC)

Here’s a round up and playlist of all of the shows we’re excited about this month!

The Interrupters 11/06 @ Filmore

Superchunk: performing “Foolish” 11/7 @ Murmrr Theatre (BK)

Mayday Parade and Emo Night Brooklyn 11/08 @ TLA

Norma Jean 11/12 @ TLA

Taking Back Sunday 11/13 & 11/14 @ Franklin Music Hall

Neon Indian 11/14 @ Elsewhere (BK)

Mos Def 11/15 (opening) @ Brooklyn Museum

Wild Nothing 11/16 & 11/17 @ Johnny Brenda’s

Jimmy Eat World 11/18 @ The Queen

That Dog 11/23 @ Warsaw (BK)

Listen now on Spotify and Apple Music. Hope to see you at a show!

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New Spotify / Apple Music Playlist: #Mood: Back to School

Please enjoy our latest Mood Mix of back-to-school spirit, curated by designer and co-music enthusiast Jen Quinn (@designjenquinn)🎉 Enjoy, stay in school, and also like…choose your crushes wisely and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. We can’t stress that enough. #selfcare.



Show: Jimmy Eat World 11/18 @ The Queen